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With PERP Protection you are creating a proactive disaster plan for your commercial property, apartments or condos.


Puroclean Emergency Response Program


For the same reason that you buy property insurance BEFORE a bad event, you should have a disaster clean up plan. The time to choose who will take care of your property damage is not right after a bad event, that's when you have pressure and you can make bad decisions. So what's your alternative? We suggest that you become familiar with our services now, when you can think clearly about what you should do in the event of a problem. Of course we hope you never need us, but if you do we will be onsite within 2 hours of your call for your property damage needs.


The first step is to register your business with our PERP protection department. It's FREE and it is a basic disaster recovery plan for your property. A PERP loss prevention specialist will visit and assess your property, storing key information about your particular property and will issue registration stickers and cards, so you will be prepared to handle property damage quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.


Now you can complete your property damage clean up plan by registering your commercial property with our PERP protection department.


PuroClean South Florida; Mold, Water and Fire Services
PuroClean South Florida; Mold, Water and Fire Services


Here are three reasons why PuroClean helps you through the entire process:


Before a Disaster

  • Did you know that 43% of businesses that do not have a disaster plan and suffer a loss never reopen? The time to select your emergency response contractor is BEFORE a loss occurs. You need to have confidence in the ability of the company responding to do the job quickly and properly. You need to know the company has the proper personnel, training, equipment and emergency communications systems to handle what ever you require. The very survival of your company may depend on it.


During a Disaster

  • Most experts agree that time is the most critical factor when fire or water damage occurs. We know that water damage worsens with time, wood floors buckle, doors swell and warp, veneers delaminate and mold can become a problem. Likewise when materials burn soot particles can mix with moisture in the air to form acids. The longer these acids remain in contact with surfaces, the more damage they can do. PuroClean is trained and equipped to respond immediately to these situations, limiting the spread of damages and getting you back up and running faster.


After a Disaster

  • Get the quality workmanship you deserve. Our technicians have years of experience restoring damaged structures. Emergency service work requires different skills and training than new construction or remodeling. You can be confident the finished product will be what you were promised, done quickly and professionally.


You can count on rapid arrival of the crew to start emergency services. Our crews will be on site within 2 hours! Our service teams are equipped with state of the art technology ensuring you the quickest response to your location. Our mobile units are ready 24/7/365.


Our reputation relies on the satisfaction of homeowners who choose us for our “PuroClean Performance Policy.”


After over 20 years in business, following this rule is what distinguishes us from all other contractors in the industry.

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