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When it comes to destructive force, nothing can match the power of a house fire. When it comes to emergency fire damage repairs, nobody can match the PuroClean results.


Quick Response


When your home has been damaged by fire, the most important thing is to begin the repairs quickly. In addition to the loss of flammable materials like furniture, carpeting, drapes, etc..., even the metal objects in your home, from the stainless steel fixtures, window frames and faucets can suffer extreme damage. That's why calling PuroClean immediately is so critical. The PuroClean team are fully trained in the latest fire and smoke damage repair technology, and can often prevent more property loss by responding immediately to begin the repairs. PuroClean is ready to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We'll be first on the scene, and provide an extremely accurate assessment of the damage, not just from the fire, but from the smoke as well. We work with you to ensure you understand the process, from what can be saved to what can be repaired, which routinely helps our clients save money in material replacement costs.


The Compassionate Approach


Watching your home and property burn is as traumatic as anything a home or business owner can ever experience, and PuroClean understands this all too well. Our highly trained fire damage repair experts treat our customers with the utmost compassion, helping them get past the initial shock and working toward getting their lives back to normal again.


Repair and Restore


PuroClean provides the following fire mitigation services:


                  • - Complete Smoke and Odor Removal

              - Cleaning & Sanitation of salvageable areas

              - Professional Deodorization

              - Temporary Protection (for security and weather)

              - Carpet and Pad Removal (when necessary) 


At PuroClean, our state of the art emergency fire damage repair services can alleviate, and in some cases, reverse the effects of fire and smoke damage.

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